The Chevrolet Volt

Saw an article about this car in a top gear magazine. I have to say it looks awesome, both the concept of an electric car, as well as the look.

Targeted for release in the United States late 2010. And will be relesed in New Zealand under the name Holden volt in 2012. Hopefully when it is released i’ll be able to get one. Unlike hybrids, where both the gas engine and electric engine are connected to the wheels, with the Volt, only the electric engine drives the wheels. So for the first 64 km it will be electric only, which is greater then the usual distance it takes for most people to travel to work and back. Which would make it perfect for day to day driving. And when you want to travel somewhere further, the gas engine kicks in to charge up the battery and extend the range to about 1000km on one tank.

A 4 door car, and with a sizable percentage of New Zealand’s power being generated by renewable resources, and renewable set to increase in the future. The volt would be a great car the average New Zealander. The car will usually be charged at night, using the excess capacity that is generated by source like wind, which is always generated whether used or not. So not only will the car be using the excess capacity, it will be storing it, so if you decide not to use your car that day, the power can be feed back to the grid during peak demand times, and you could get more money back then what you paid for charging during the night. not only that, if there’s a power cut, you’ll be able to power your house from the cars battery. I’m certainly looking forward to it.

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Games with Windows Presentation Foundation

I’ve recently been looking in to making applications with WPF. the certainly is alot of potential here, and is especially of interest to me as WPF allows very rich interactivity, both on desktop applications and on websites. WPF also supports a lot of 3d, 3d models, tranforms, everything which is needed to even make a 3d game. A simple FPS, or maybe even a more complex one would be possible.

However i’m going to start out making a 2d game, something simple (however something simple always turns out to be very complicated). Sort of a space RTS fly around colonize planets trade resources type game. I’ve tried stuff like this in XNA, but I think WPF has an advantage of being able to use all the windows components we are used to. Which will make it great for casual desktop games. Anyway, this would be the first blog post on my new website, for now, I intend to trandfer my old blog posts over once I figure out how. This website is still under construction, which i mean i’m still figuring out how it all works.

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