Here’s a little program I made that will help you find out about the distribution of the disk space on your computer.

Most of the ones I found either cost money, or were buggy and annoying to use.

So I made my own one, you can get it on the downloads page for free.
Downloads Page

Select a drive, Press ‘scan drive’, it may take a while while it scans, so you could do other stuff while waiting. There is a progress indicator which show how much has been done.

Once the scan has finished, folders will have their ‘size’ (the total of all the files in it and in it’s subfolders), and a percentage, showing the relative amount of size they take up in their parent directory.

You can right click a folder to open it in explorer. If you have deleted/moved some files, you can rescan that folder by selecting the folder and pressing ‘scan folder’ to update the information.


  • If a directory/file is deleted or moved, then then the corresponding node is expanded on the tree view, the program will generate a ‘file not found’ error. The error trapping with catch this and exit the program.
    I forgot to include code to check where a directory still exists or not, which is pretty imported as people using this program will most likely be moving/deleting files and folders at the same time.
  • The ‘OK’ button on the About Box doesn’t work.

Future Developments

  • Add an ‘UP’ button to the file details view to allow easier navigation.
  • Add a reports screen, which will have reports which shows things like biggest files/folders.
  • A cancel for the scan, in case the user started scanning the wrong drive.
  • An estimate of the time left.