This is the homepage for a game i’m working on called Warspace, which you can download hereĀ Downloads Page

The game is developed in .NET 3.5 using Windows Presentation Foundation. It a simple space trading game, players can travel from planet to planet, buying and selling resources.

It’s only really a prototype at the moment. Eventually I intend to add additional features like mining planets for resources, colonising planets, and a dynamic economy.

If you have any ideas or would like to contribute, please visit the forums.


I have released a new version, which has lots of new features.

  • At the start of the game, you can set the random seed, universe size, and number of planets.
  • You can save and load a game by pressing the ‘save’ and ‘load’ buttons ingame.
  • Planets can be colonized, you need at least 100 people on board your sip to colonize a planet. Click the ‘colonize’ when stopped at a planet to colonize it.
  • Once you have colonized, you can click the ‘manage’ button to open up the manage screen. This allows you to build buildings, pick up and drop off cargo and people.
  • People require food and water in grow the population, lack of food or water will reduce the population.
  • The population can not fall below 100 people, and it can’t go about the maximum population (which can be increased by building apartments).
  • If more power is being used then generated, then production buildings will operate at reduced efficiency.
  • You can trade resource at other inhabited planets.
  • Some info will be lost between saving and loading the game, however nothing important. You displayed cash will be incorrect until to make another transaction, then it will be ok again.
  • Work Force efficiency has not be implemented yet. Currently the number of people have no effect on the planets production, however you will need people to colonize new planets.
  • The minimap in game (scanner) will have a same ratio no matter what width and height you chose.
  • The number fields have no validation yet, so only type numbers in, otherwise it will crash.
  • You can not use the scanner for movement, only the main screen.
  • At the moment Waste has no negative effect on your planet (but it will in the next version, so you should get used to managing it)
  • There is no end, you can just keep playing.

Bugs / Stuff not yet done


Here are a list of things i’m working on (click picture for larger view);

Instead of planets being all over the place, i’ve changed to have planets in orbit around stars. Each star will have 5 or so planets around it. The distance between stars will be far greater then the distance between the planets and their sun.

Also i’ve being working on the ship details, players will be able to purchase different ship types, and ships can have different weapons, shields, engines. The player will be able to purchase new equipment the other inhabited planets. Eventually players can instruct their own planets to produce this equipment.