Kiwi’s Tale on WP7

This week i’m presenting at the Auckland games development meetup. I’m going to show what i’ve done getting Kiwi’s Tale running on the Windows Phone 7 platform.

WP7 supports two environments,  Silverlight, and XNA. Silverlight is event driven and is suited to business applications, where as XNA runs a game loop and is suited for fast 2d and 3d games.

However there’s nothing stopping you from making a game in silverlight.


Kiwi's Tale running in the Emulator

Erik did most of the work on building an XNA version of Kiwi’s Tale, it was very easy to convert it from a windows to a wp7 project.

The hard part is the controls, XNA has built in functions to recognize gestures like flicking your finger fast or just moving it slowly.  But it still takes a lot of tweaking to get it feeling right, and i’m still far away from that point.

There’s a short video of it here running in the emulator

Kiwi’s Tale on WP7

The second project i’m working on is based on Conway’s Game of Life

Life is a cellular automation created by the mathematician John Conway. It’s essentially a large 2d world with a simple set of rules which determines whether a cell should be alive, or dead.

My idea is to make it into a game, where the player has to ‘fight’ these lifeforms, before getting consumed by them.

Game of Life – Windows Phone 7

This is running in Silverlight, which I like because I have access to all the silverlight controls like textboxes, buttons etc.

However I’ve also implemented a game loop which calculates each step of the game and draws the grid. I’m not sure what performance using silverlight will have until I get hold of an actual device.

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