Kiwi’s tale

I started work on a level editor for the XNA version of Kiwi’s Tale, which Erik has been working on building an engine.

I’m using Silverlight to build the engine, which make it easy when working with a Tile based game, It’s currently located here

I will update this page as I make improvements to the editor.

This is sample level in xaml, you may have to select ‘View Source’ to see it

The tile set can be a pngĀ imageĀ of tiles


If you save a copy of the level xml file and the Tileset, you can upload them using the editor and view the first level.

Level Xml Format

<MapData cols="126" rows="34" cellwidth="32" cellheight="32">
<Layer name="layer0" set="tileset">
<tile id="38" x="0" y="0" />
<tile id="8" x="114" y="30" />
<!-- Entry for each Tile -->
<!-- A level can have multiple levels-->
<BlockInfo blockID="1" userdata="1" userenv="0" collisiondata="0" />
<BlockInfo blockID="93" userdata="0" userenv="0" collisiondata="15" />
<!--Tiles can be assigned data which can be used in game -->

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