Gameplay and Graphics

Recently i’ve been playing a game called Dwarf Fortress. When I first saw the game, I wasn’t too impressed. However I decided to give it a go. I downloaded a tileset which changed the ASCII characters to sprites which showed a bit more visual information.

However I love the game now, the gameplay is really complex and fun. And it’s great that we still have games which concentrate on gameplay rather then graphics.

Anyway i’m going to take Warspace down the same kind of path, for a while i’ve been stuck on what to do with spaceships. I want to have a large range of ships to chose from, however I lack the skill to draw them. So my idea is just to have a symbol, or icon representing a ship or fleet of ships, where the icons could be simple outlines like the graphics in Defcon.

For each ship, a player will be able to chose what kind of engine, weapons, shields it has. The player will also be able to save his/her own template for ships built at the players planets.

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