Warspace is coming along nicely, wpf makes it really easy to get something up and running quickly. It still looks a bit ugly, my UI design has never been my strong point. I’m using xml files for my game data, it’s easy to read into the application by using Linq, which allows me to use a kind of SQL command on the xml as it were a database. I’ve done xml files for planet types and trade resources, and now i’m making one for buildings. I intend to have a lot of buildings, to give the player a choice, different types of mining facilities, power producing plants. Some buildings will be restricted to certain planets, while some planets will be unable to produce certain resources.

Players will be required to trade resources and set up trade routes to sustain a planet. I’m not going to draw pictures of each building, it’s beyond my ability to make a decent looking picture. Hopefully someone else will volunteer to help out with the artwork. Hear are the features I will be working on in the near future;

  • Colonizing
  • Building
  • Setting up Automatic trade routes (this will involve buying a trade ship, and giving it orders to transfer resources between two planets).
  • I would also like to have more ships to chose from, where the player could buy better ships etc, and maybe also the ability to have multiple ships in a fleet. However this will depend on whether I can find someone to help with the ship artwork.
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